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LED products are modern, bright and luxurious.

We offer: production of full-color screens for LED cabinets, LED media facades, media showcases, video boards, digital citylights, pharmacy crosses, scoreboards (currency exchange, sports, for gas station steles, creeping lines).

LED displays have a high level of protection against temperature fluctuations, images can be changed from anywhere in the world, a short 5-minute video is broadcast up to 300 times a day, the brightness of the medium is guaranteed after 100 thousand hours of continuous operation, which helps to save financial resources.

The maximum audience coverage is achieved due to the originality of the external style of the LED device. The large screen is visible to passers-by and drivers.

LED displays are technically equipped in such a way that the image on them adapts to outdoor lighting - at night the screen brightness decreases so as not to dazzle people, and during the day it increases to be visible on a sunny day.

The funds spent on the purchase of an LED screen will begin to return in six months, which indicates a high rate of return on investment.

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