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RA "Bastion" carries out large-format printing on various materials. It happens external and interior.

Large format printing is digital printing on large rolls that are used to conduct large-scale campaigns to maximize the reach of the target audience. Created advertising products can be of different sizes - from small stickers to large firewalls.

Interior printing is used for indoor advertising. Materials for interior printing: Banner canvas, film with adhesive base, photo paper, wallpaper, fabric. Interior printing is chosen because of the lack of paint odor and high image clarity.

Images for outdoor advertising are most often applied to the following materials:

  • Cast banner - designed for multiple use, characterized by strength, resistance to temperature changes and wind. Laminated banner - lighter and more mobile than cast. Usually used on small surfaces or indoors. Designed for a short service life. The banner grid - a light cloth which perforated structure allows to pass light and air, reduces weight and sail.
  • The Oracal film is a soft film from PVC (matte and glossy), is applied to registration of show-windows, pasting of transport, production of signs and plates. One Way Vision film is a perforated material, used in cases where it is necessary to place a printed image on the glass, while maintaining the ability to see the street and ensure daylight inside. It is used for pasting vehicles, windows, shop windows.
  • BlueBack is a poster paper, impervious to light, resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Scroller paper is a strong synthetic polypropylene material intended for use in a scroller (advertising displays with a rotating mechanism). Citylight paper (Becklit) is a white paper with a special coating, designed for light advertising, works on the lumen, has a high brightness, is used for printing citylights.

UV-printing is carried out similar to inkjet digital printing. The main difference is in special inks, they instantly crystallize under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Thus, we get a full-color image on a large number of materials: plywood, plastic, metal sheets, glass, ceramic tiles, wallpaper, fabrics, cardboard, paper, etc. The image retains bright colors and resistance to external factors for a long time.

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