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HPL panels are large-format panels for cladding indoor and outdoor surfaces of buildings. The panels are made from wood and synthetic resin and are pressed under high pressure. On both sides they are covered with a protective acrylic coating, which protects the decor from weather conditions (ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes, humidity).

Advantages and properties of HPL panels:

  • HPL panels are durable. The strength of the material allows the panels to be produced in large format, which saves about 30% material consumption compared to the use of milky format cassettes.
  • The coating of HPL panels can be used in temperatures ranging from -60 to + 80 ° C.
  • An exceptional feature is resistance to graffiti - the paint is easily washed off with water or solvent, while the original appearance does not change.
  • The surface of HPL panels is easy to clean, resistant to microorganisms, mold, and makes it suitable for use in laboratories where increased sterility is required.
  • A wide selection of colors, decors, surface textures, allow you to embody any architectural idea, to make the building expressive.
  • Ease of installation, processing (there is a possibility of perforation, milling, shaped cutting). When installing, you can use a hidden mount.
  • The panels are environmentally friendly, do not pollute the environment. Do not form smoke during combustion.

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