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Self-adhesive films

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Self-adhesive film is a double-sided film consisting of polyvinyl chloride, a decorative pattern on one side and an adhesive layer on the other, to which a special paper backing is glued, is separated from the main layer during direct use.

Benefits and Features:

  • Versatility. It is suitable for working on almost any surface - glass, wood, plastic, metal, etc.
  • Unpretentiousness. The film itself and the adhesive are not afraid of moisture and ultraviolet radiation, they are able to withstand significant temperature changes.
  • Diversity. There is a large selection of adhesive films, differing in design and colors, type of adhesive and production methods. The buyer can choose films of different thicknesses and with different physical and technical characteristics.
  • Cost. The cost of the film is much lower than the cost of natural materials such as marble, wood, etc., although from the outside it exactly imitates their appearance.

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