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Aluminum composite panels

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Aluminum composite panels (ACP) are a material consisting of two aluminum sheets bonded with a polyethylene filler. Although thin and lightweight aluminum is used in the production of panels, the panels have a metallic strength with unrivaled smoothness, vibration absorption, extreme durability and ease of maintenance.

Main properties and benefits:

  • Durability. Composite panels are resistant to humidity, weather conditions, UV rays, dirt, abrasion and marine climates.
  • Unique smoothness. Perfectly flat and smooth surface, thanks to a special coating, makes ACP an ideal choice as an external cladding material in systems of ventilated facades during construction and reconstruction of buildings.
  • Sturdy yet flexible. The structural strength of steel, the lightness and flexibility inherent in aluminum, is the perfect combination for modern finishing materials.
  • Wide range of applications. Thanks to ACP, you can create a complex design by cutting, bending, milling. Any shape can be created from a composite. A wide range of decors and colors, hidden fixing system, will satisfy the most varied design goals.

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